Overview of Weight Matrix

Pedders Tow & Load Assessment

Vehicle Weight from accessories, towing and loads is a significant factor in the safety and performance of your vehicle and hence Pedders have developed a world-first service, the Pedders Tow and Load Assessment, to assist customers in understanding their vehicle weight now and in the future.

Weight Matrix

Tow and Load Assessment Report, Advice and Solutions

Following completion of the Pedders Brake, Steering and Suspension Check including weighing the vehicle front and rear plus the loading of your individual scenarios into the Weight Matrix Software Program, your Pedders Expert will discuss the assessment and provide advice and recommend solutions. The priority items are any issues found within the Pedders Brake, Steering and Suspension check as these issues are magnified with the addition of weight. To assist with understanding the Pedders Tow and Load Assessment and in particular the Weight Matrix results a multi-page report can be printed or emailed and may be used by the Pedders expert at point of sale to discuss the findings and recommendations.

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