Month: September 2019

Sports Ryder Gas Shock

For motorists who are after that extra level of performance and sports handling, Pedders SportsRyder shock absorbers are the ideal choice. The gas-charged SportsRyder shock range uses nitrogen gas pressure to enable precise control without compromising on ride comfort. SportsRyder shocks are high performance, heavy-duty replacement units that deliver a new standard of comfort and […]

Sports Ryder Brake Pads EURO

Pedders SportsRyder EURO Kevlar Ceramic brake pads are formulated for the spirited performance standards and design aesthetics that are unique to European makes. Most European drivers seek a driving experience using vehicle-handling techniques that are focused on braking. This driving style is unforgiving on brakes pads making quality critical. Pedders SportsRyder Euro brake pads successfully […]

Conference 2019 at Ipoh, Perak

Pedders Ipoh Malaysia Pedders 2019 conference event for Malaysia & Singapore dealers was held in Ipoh, Perak on 27 July 2019 to 28 July 2019. This event was hosted by Pedders Malaysia to have a networking session covering technical and business aspect. Conference is hosted at historic tin mining town of Ipoh, where concurrently there’s […]

Vehicle Loads Weight Explanation-Pedders Techstop

Pedders Techstop – Weight Explanation Through the videos (click the link below) , Pedders Techstop explained the different between weight terms that used in automotive industry today. There are several terms of vehicle weight that you need to take note about it which is across different many type of vehicle such as caravan and trailer. Pedders […]

Sport Ryder Brake Pads

Pedders SportsRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads are specifically designed for Sports, Performance, and Prestige driving enthusiasts. These types of drivers place an increased demand on braking systems to get the full benefit of all steering and suspension components as the manufacturer intended. Pedders SportsRyder ceramic brake pads at increased temperatures. When consistency, longevity, and low […]
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