Month: December 2021

40 Series Landcruiser Troopy, Modified!

Ronny Dahl Ronny Dahl is one of the largest 4×4 YouTubers in Australia, with over 400,000 subscribers to his channel. He recently shared a video featuring the Overland Travellers Landcruiser where the Pedders Suspension and steering upgrades are shown and mentioned. This video has had 37,000 views on YouTube.


Overland Travellers The Pedders team has been working with travel influencers Overland Travellers for a few months now. After initially upgrading their 47 series Landcruiser with a Pedders TrakRyder steering damper, we recently had a full Pedders Suspension upgrade fitted at Pedders Mackay. After putting over 30,000 km on the new suspension upgrades, Overland Travellers […]
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