Month: October 2019

Trak Ryder eXtreme Adjustable Coilover

The Pedders TrakRyder eXtreme Adjustable Coilover has been designed to provide the best in suspension kits for the serious 4X4 enthusiast driver. With so many features the TrakRyder eXtreme range of coilovers is a must for those that want the best in handling for their Hilux, Ranger, Colorado or D-Max. The ride and handling performance […]

Trak Ryder Ezi Fit Spring and Shock Kits

Pedders TrakRyder EziFit Spring and Shock Kits are now an ideal alternative to buying separate components when converting your vehicle from original equipment suspension to a more high-performance suspension setup. Reduced installation time is the key benefit from the use of the TrakRyder EziFit as the spring, shock and shock mount is all supplied pre-assembled. No […]

Trak Ryder Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs are built to ISO 9001 standards with a tolerance of only +/-2mm at loaded height and have unrivaled levels of comfort, handling, and load-carrying ability. Coil Springs are the foundations of the modern suspension system with most car manufacturers preferring Coil Springs due to their advantages of weight, tunability, space, […]

Trak Ryder Brake Pads

Pedders TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic 4WD and SUV Brake Kits offer superior stopping power that is demanded by those that tow, as well as the off-road enthusiast. Any time you add weight to a vehicle by towing a load, or simply adding a load, you change the operating conditions of your stock brake package. These operating conditions […]

Trak Ryder Extreme Brake Kits

For the discerning driver who is particular about how their Ford Ranger performs Pedders offers the TrakRyder eXtreme Brake Kit. The braking results are staggering with the inclusion of a larger 6 pot caliper design, high tech TrakRyder eXtreme kevlar ceramic pads mated with a 10 slot dimpled and geomet coated larger diameter rotor. Download
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