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Pengenalan ‘Pad Brek’ Adalah sedia maklum bahawa ‘Brek’ merupakan komponen yang amat penting pada sesebuah kenderaan tak kiralah kenderaan berat ataupun kenderaan ringan. Brek juga terbahagi kepada beberapa komponen salah satunya adalah ‘Pad Brek’. Apabila kita ingin menghentikan sesebuah kenderaan, ‘Pad Brek’ merupakan komponen utama yang akan membuat kerja tersebut di mana ‘Pad Brek’ akan […]

Pedders Two-Piece Brake Rotor Upgrade Ford Ranger & Mazda BT-50

Two-Piece Brake Rotors available for the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 models as part of their Big Brake Upgrade kit.

Borneo Safari Sabah – 30th International Offroad Challenge 2022

Excited is back! Stay tuned for this coming 28 Oct 2022 - 6 Nov 2022 for the most waited 30th International Offroad Challenge event that will held in Sabah.

5 Tanda-tanda pacuan empat roda anda terlebih muatan

Ketahui tanda-tanda pacuan empat roda anda terlebih muatan. Muatan lebih adalah perkara biasa bagi sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda tetapi jarang kita tahu tentang had muatan lebih yang sesuai dengan kenderaan kita.

Replacing Your Vehicle’s Shock Absorbers

What are the shock absorbers in a vehicle’s suspension and how do they work? Shock absorbers are a major and critical component of any vehicle’s suspension system and have a significant effect on the vehicle’s ride and handling. Shock absorbers provide a smoother, more controlled ride and allow the tyre to remain in contact with […]

Technician to Top Store Owner – Pedders Bendigo Franchise Owner Grant Phillips

Pedders Bendigo store owner, Grant Phillips, has had an extraordinary career with Pedders – from Technician to Top Store and racing at Bathurst! The Pedders People that make up the wider Pedders Suspension & Brakes Group have some incredible stories to tell. Many of them are veterans not only of the automotive industry, but also […]

40 Series Landcruiser Troopy, Modified!

Ronny Dahl Ronny Dahl is one of the largest 4×4 YouTubers in Australia, with over 400,000 subscribers to his channel. He recently shared a video featuring the Overland Travellers Landcruiser where the Pedders Suspension and steering upgrades are shown and mentioned. This video has had 37,000 views on YouTube.


Overland Travellers The Pedders team has been working with travel influencers Overland Travellers for a few months now. After initially upgrading their 47 series Landcruiser with a Pedders TrakRyder steering damper, we recently had a full Pedders Suspension upgrade fitted at Pedders Mackay. After putting over 30,000 km on the new suspension upgrades, Overland Travellers […]

We’re Moving soon!

It is our pleasure to announce that we are expanding our business with a new office or warehouse effective on 5th Nov 2021. Kindly take note of the new address, telephone and fax number.

RAAF GVM Upgrade

Setting a new benchmark for automotive suspension in Malaysia, Pedders Malaysia is now a certified Second Stage of Manufacture. And the latest job completion for GVM upgrades are for Royal Australian Air Force Landcruisers 79 at Pedders Butterworth. These RAAF ambulance Landcruisers are based in Butterworth for humanitarian aid works around South East Asia region. […]
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